Elemis & organic treatments

Elemis Face Technology

BIOTEC facial treatments are where ground-breaking technology meets active ingredients and transformative touch. The pio-neering innovation of the ELEMIS BIOTEC machine works to switch the skin back on, increasing its natural cellular energy. Technology turbo-charges touch. The clinically proven result? Thriving, visibly healthy and energised skin.

ELEMIS BIOTEC Line Eraser 60min €130
Wrinkles are targeted with firming and toning micro-current pulses to stimulate the skin cells towards dynamic functionality. Circulation is improved, increasing the production of collagen and elastin, whilst the dermis is flooded with super Hyaluronic hydrating activators, sealed with a re-energising Amber balm. Red and blue light therapy warms and de-stresses the skin whilst a blast of oxygen delivers a breath of fresh air, effectively ironing out wrinkles and filling in lines. A powerfully rejuvenating facial treatment.

ELEMIS BIOTEC Firm-A-Lift 60min €130
Rediscover the architecture of your face with this ground-breaking blend of massage and sculpting technology. Circulation stimulating Arjuna, Gardenia stem cells and Alaria Esculenta Seaweed are activated by micro-current pulses to tighten slackening skin. Galvanic currents infuse the skin with bio-active formulas that hydrate and tone. The extra-cellular matrix of the skin is visibly strengthened, restoring elasticity and tenacity for a contoured complexion that is remarkably lifted.

ELEMIS BIOTEC Skin Resurfacer 60min €120
This revolutionary resurfacing facial addresses skin tone, blemishes and fine lines to transform the texture of the skin. The ultra-sonic peel reveals a noticeably smoother complexion using a combination of Lactic and Hyaluronic acids, Sandalwood, Thyme and Lemon Oils. Steam and extraction deeply cleanse and detoxify before massage and light therapy restores equilibrium. Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced to leave a complexion that has never been softer or smoother.

ELEMIS BIOTEC Anti-Pigment Brightener 60min €120
This powerful, targeted skin-brightening treatment visibly illuminates the complexion, dynamically treating the appearance of un-even skin tone, discolouration and age spots. A unique complex of brightening actives, ultrasonic peel and light therapy is combined with a precision massage to help wash-out melanin and reduce dullness. A peel off mask of Vitamin C and Daisy Extract reduces pigmentation, while mineral-rich Sea Algae intensely moisturises. The result is skin that is youthful, refined and naturally translucent.

ELEMIS BIOTEC Blemish Control 60min €115
A deep cleansing facial that detoxifies the skin and repairs damaged tissue. This treatment uses ultrasonic vibration, massage, steam and galvanic currents to thoroughly decongest and exfoliate. A powerfully anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial activator containing Salicylic Acid and inflammation-reducing Iris soothes and smoothes, while light therapy helps balance and clear the complexion, speeding up recovery.

ELEMIS BIOTEC Radiance Renew 60min €115
A powerful antidote for dull and tired skin, this cellular-boosting treatment targets sluggish complexions. The ultrasonic peel pumps vibrational energy into the skin to exfoliate and stimulate the removal of impurities and dead skin cells, while the galvanic rejuvenating current harnesses the power of Elderberry and Orange flower extracts to restore moisture and vitality. Skin is left profoundly reinvigorated. Instantly clearer, visibly brighter and radiant.

ELEMIS BIOTEC Sensitive Skin Soother 60min €115
The anti-redness treatment that calms and soothes sensitive skin. Using an activator rich in Frankincense and natural anti-inflammatory Willowherb,the skin is infused with oxygen to encourage cellular restoration, perfect balance and structural strength. Red light therapy operates in harmony with calming anti-oxidants to improve cell communication and the skin’s natural ability to repair itself. The result is serene, smooth and sensational.

* Add-ons

BIOTEC Eye Treatment 30min €50
The eye area is a tricky customer (not like you) – delicate but lazy. ELEMIS BIOTEC technology is refined enough to gently stimulate and tighten without disturbing the fragile skin. Let us put stars in your eyes.

BIOTEC Neck Treatment 30min €50
Make sure your neck is running a tight ship with this targeted toning treatment. Microcurrents remind the muscle to firm up, while the Arjuna-infused jowl and chin mask lifts and tightens for super-sleek contouring. People will wonder what you’ve done.

* Can be added to any Body Treatment or Massage

Elemis Hands On Facials

The hands of a highly trained ELEMIS therapist are profoundly effective anti-ageing tools. Using a combination of massage techniques from around the world, this is where intuition meets expertise with clinically proven results.


Pro-Collagen Age Defy 60min €110
Tackle fine lines and wrinkles with the clinically proven* age-defying benefits of marine charged Padina Pavonica and Red Coral. Targeted massage encourages optimum cellular function for nourished, younger looking skin. Perfect to target lines & wrinkles.

* Independent Clinical Trials

Pro-Definition Lift and Contour 60min €120
Powered by breakthrough technology, this facial helps restore the architecture of the face using the potent nutrients in plant ac-tives found to help support the extra-cellular matrix. Creates a profoundly sculpted, youthful effect. Ideal for double chi, sagging jowls and skin that has lost its elasticity.

Skin Solutions

Sensitive Skin Soother 60min €90
Fragile skin needs special attention. A soothing massage technique helps reduce the appearance of redness and protect against daily stresses. Texture and moisture levels are dramatically restored. Skin is left supremely soothed, comfortable and calm.

Anti-Blemish Mattify & Calm 60min €90
A revelation for oily, congested or hormonal skin. This mattifying facial helps combat oil and shine, while intuitive massage helps re-store micro-circulation. A deeply detoxifying treatment for clear, bright skin. This is your Spa Cleansing Facial.

Extractions 15min €15
The specialist using her hands effectively removes oil and other buildup from the pores.

Elemis Men

Men’s skin behaves differently to women’s. Shaving, fatigue, sport and screen time all make their own demands. ELEMIS responds with high performance facial therapies designed to restore energy, dynamism and lustre to male skin.

Men’s Hands On

High Performance Skin Energiser for Men 60min €100
This is the hard-working facial for ageing, stressed, dehydrated skin and tired eyes. An energising treatment that speaks to every skin concern, restoring vital moisture and nutrient levels. It maximises cell regeneration, whilst steam and extraction decongests.
Multi-dynamic facial massage sequences boost circulation, whilst targeted scalp and foot massages deeply relax. Finally, the uniquely nourishing Pro-Collagen Marine Cream for Men is worked into a receptive, revitalised skin for a vibrant and energised result.

Men’s Tecnology

BIOTEC Super-Charger for Men 60min €120
This is the facial to de-stress, de-age and de-fatigue the male complexion while activating ultimate skin dynamism.
A triple hit of ultrasonic peeling, steam and galvanic current delivers a deep clean, simultaneously exfoliating and powering up Kalpariane’s anti-wrinkle properties and Samphire’s hydrating potency. An oxygen infusion is the final blast of energy for real, best face forward results. A multi-tasking, time efficient solution.

Men’s Body Favourites

Freestyle Deep Tissue Massage 30/60/90min €60/€100/€135
This is a vigorous workout for the body, perfect to alleviate high stress levels. Tailored entirely to your needs, it leaves you feeling grounded and focused. Your Therapist will select an aromatic oil according to your concerns, be they muscle pain, stress relief, pure relaxation or emotional balance. Skin is prepped to release toxins and the flowing massage works deeper and deeper into the tension, encouraging optimum circulation. As effective as an hour’s stretching, but so much more nurturing.

Elemis Speed Spa – ‘Spa On the Go’

Face & Body

Business Man On the Go 45min €80
This 45-minute ritual combines the best of both worlds, for face and body. An exquisite Deep Tissue Back Massage and a 15- mi-nute booster facial. Powered by the motto ‘ Minimum Time, Maximum Results ‘ it will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed ready to take on any important gatherings and be the ‘soul of the party’ or the ’soul of the meeting’. Choose to have this ritual pre or post any im-portant meetings and you will be thanking yourself you did.

City Lady On the Go 45min €80
A choreographed Relaxing Back Massage, powered by the use of Rose Balm and Botanical Oils to relax soul and mind.
This ritual finishes with an Instant Glowing 15-minute facial that will reveal a brighter complexion and let you walking on cloud nine. Big possibility that make-up will not be needed.


Glow Business Booster Facial 15min €30
A burst of brilliance stuffed full of anti-oxidants, algae and richly active minerals to give the skin a blast of life force. To wake cells up and get them turning over. Your face will be the life and soul of any party.

Clean and Dash for Men 15min €30
Wake up and smell the low-investment high-yield with this exfoliating, anti-fatigue number treatment. From soothing shave oil and refining Thai drainage massage to an instantly refreshing eye treatment, this is a shortcut to the new face of you.


Feast Your Eyes 15min €30
Give puffy eyes their marching orders with this instantly reviving eye treatment. A warm Rosewood compress, and intensive eye mask re-hydrate, soothe and lift, while you zone out with a de-stressing hand and arm massage. See the world through new eyes.

Elemis Wedding Packages

Royal Package for Brides 2hrs 30min €200
Take a walk in an English rose garden with this lavishly hydrating massage, salt scrub and body wrap. The unique trio of Rose, Camelina and Poppy seed oils leaves skin exquisitely moisturised, intensely supple and delicately scented.

Royal Package for Grooms 2hrs 30min €200
A Spa Ritual that starts with the ELEMIS Freestyle Deep Tissue Massage that re-energises every cell in the body and eases any muscle aches, preparing the body to release toxins and find equilibrium. A High Performance facial targeting male skin needs and a Foot treatment with Pedicure to conclude a full re-invigorating experience. Preparing you for your big day, letting you look your best.

Elemis Massage

High performance therapies to relax and recharge.

Freestyle Deep Tissue Massage 30/60/90min €60/€100/€135
This is a vigorous workout for the body, perfect to alleviate high stress levels. Tailored entirely to your needs, it leaves you feeling grounded and focused. Your Therapist will select an aromatic oil according to your concerns, be they muscle pain, stress relief, pure relaxation or emotional balance. Skin is prepped to release toxins and the flowing massage works deeper and deeper into the tension, encouraging optimum circulation. As effective as an hour’s stretching, but so much more nurturing.

Hot Stone Massage 30/60/90min €65/€100/€140
Nothing gets into the centre of the muscle like a hot stone. Bathed in the intensely moisturising Frangipani Monoi Body Oil, a curated range of Balinese stones are selected to ad-dress exactly what you need. They are worked over the body, deep into the muscles, getting into areas of tension at a profound level, persuading the muscles to release their trapped energy. The result is sparkling vitality with the added bonus of intensely hydrated skin.

Garden of England Rose Restore Relaxing Massage 60/90min €95/€125
Take a walk in an English rose garden with this lavishly hydrating body massage. The unique trio of Rose, Camelina and Poppy seed oils maintain and restore elasticity, whilst encouraging skin renewal. The skin is anointed with nourishing oils whilst a nurturing Rose balm and bespoke massage comfort the skin, and ground the spirit. Skin is left exquisitely moisturised, intensely supple and deliciously scented.

Elemis Pregnancy

Expert pre-natal treatments for you and your bump. A perfect gift for mothers-to-be.

Peaceful Pregnancy Massage 60min €95
This unique pregnancy massage is a profoundly nurturing and tranquil oasis. An intuitive, sensitive and relaxing massage hy-drates and moisturises skin that is expanding to accommodate a growing baby. Only nurturing aromatics are imparted – along with wisdom, empathy and respect.

Peaceful Pregnancy Face and Body Experience 120min €185
Settle into the unique pear-shaped beanbag for this treatment combination that gently addresses any visible effects of hormonal changes on the skin and supports it as it accommodates your baby.

Elemis Body Therapy

Cleansing mineral salts, oil blends rich in actives and transportative aromatics are combined with an unparalleled level of expertise in massage and conditioning. For healthy, revitalised skin and deeply eased muscles.

Scrubs & Wraps

Body Nectar Nourishing Wrap Frangipani 50min €80
This lusciously fragrant, intensely moisturising body wrap will transport you to the Far East. The velvety texture of the Monoi Oil offers super-hydration, quenching a thirsty skin. The aromatic oil is applied using sweeping strokes with maximum attention paid to any particularly parched areas. You are kept cocooned and warm while the mood-balancing aromatics and skin conditioning oils do their work. An emotionally grounding experience for skin that has never felt silkier.

Intensely Cleansing Salt Scrub – Lime & Ginger or Frangipani 30min €55
The extraordinary cleansing power of salt goes to work releasing toxins in this body polishing treatment. The fragranced salt of your choice will gently slough away dead skin cells, encouraging the regeneration of new cells and perfectly prepping the skin.
It leaves a smooth and responsive canvas, ready to absorb the deeply nourishing body oil. Delivers velvety soft, invigorated skin.

Detox & Re-shape

Targeted Toning Tightener 30/60min €65/€125
A powerful blend of minerals and seaweeds work together to target cellulite and poor skin tone on hips, thighs, abdomen or backs of arms. Nigari salt deeply cleanses, followed by a targeted sculpting massage to kick-start the microcirculation, promoting a smoother silhouette and invigorating the entire body. A cooling rubberised mask, rich in super-detoxing caffeine and green clay is applied to prob-lem areas, whilst clinically proven Red Algae redefines areas prone to sagging. The result is a targeted body airbrush and skin that looks and feels intensely toned and refreshed. Choose your localised treatment either on Arms, Hips & Thighs, or Abdomen.

Elemis Hands & Feet

The finishing touches that make a difference.

Garden of England Rose Restore Hand Treatment 60min €65 (to include a full Manicure)
Hand massages are alarmingly relaxing. And this is the last word in conditioning, restorative, anti-ageing hand treatments. Targeting age spots and dryness, you’ll waft out with the softest little paws and a blissed-out smile on your face.
* Includes cuticle work in 60 min

Best Foot Forward 75min €70 (to include a full Pedicure)
Take a load off with this foot-focused tension releaser. Lower legs and feet are thoroughly exfoliated, bathed and massaged. Hot wax softens and smoothes to leave feet as supple and fragrant as a Rose.
* Includes cuticle work in 60 min

Basic Hand & Foot
Nails cut, filing, cuticles pushed, varnish Manicure, Basic Colour 30min €35
Pedicure, Basic Colour 30min €35

Londa’s Signature Spa Treatments

High performance therapies to relax and recharge.

Royal Body Glow Ritual 1h 30min €130
Surrender to the skilled hands of your Londa Therapist for your revival and uplifting experience. This wonderful body ritual begins with a heavenly nourishing foaming scrub that is rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients. Finely crushed fruit shells exfoliate gently and effectively, while organic oils provide excellent moisturising benefits, for incredibly soft and glowing skin. A full body massage follows with aromatically infused organic oils.

Invigorating Therapeutic Body Massage 60/90min €100/€140
The well-deserved ritual after all your hard work, this strong massage is designed to help you relieve all your aches and pains. Tailored to your individual needs, unique deep pressure techniques are applied to help reduce pain and release muscle tension and tightness, leaving you completely refreshed and rejuvenated.

Relax Into Dreamtime 45/60/90min €80/€90/€135
The ultimate in relaxation, this full body modeling with rare plant oils supports the body’s natural processes for a holistic ap-proach to your health and wellness. Rich in essential fatty acids, these organic oils hydrate deeply and improve skin elasticity, while promoting cell regeneration. Completely unwind with the unique essential oil infusions and enjoy your journey through the customized massage tailored just to your needs, for a fully harmonising and rebalancing experience.

Soft Drainage Massage 60min €80
Lymphatic massage with detoxifying and decongesting essential oils, for relaxation and detoxification. Soft and effective massaging techniques activate the lymphatic system and lymph glands, eliminating body toxins for a truly invigorating sensation.

Slimness Body Sculpting 30/50min €60/€90
A slimming massage with organic oils and essential oils that fully support your body’s natural processes and deliver essential nutrients to the skin and the entire body. This bespoke massage effectively increases circulation and reduces fluid retention, while it is adapted to your individual needs. Ideal for detoxification, slimming, cellulite, weight loss and loss of centimeters. Experience the rejuvenating results from your first treatment. Buy Package of 6, Get 1 Session Free.

Harmonious Pain Relief Back Massage 30min €60
With focused attention on the back, neck and shoulders, this is the ideal treatment to help stressed, hard-working souls quickly feel energised and invigorated. Your Therapist uses a combination of techniques to boost your spirits, while helping you to unwind and relax.

Rejuvenating Head Massage 30min €55
This soothing massage is concentrated on the head, scalp, ears, neck and face in order to restore energy and balance.
It encourages the elimination of toxins, improves circulation and calms muscle tension around the head, for a deeply relaxing and revitalized sensation.

Reflexology 45min €80
Reflexology works on the principle that all our organs are represented on the feet. It brings harmony to the body and mind by using techniques that apply deep pressure to certain points on the feet in order to release any blocked energy that causes imbalance in the body.

Soothing Leg & Foot Massage 30min €55
Comforting and energizing treatment that focuses specialized techniques for a unique and totally relaxing experience. It stimulates the flow of energy, while encouraging detoxification and a feeling of overall wellbeing.

Waxing / Hair Removal

A complete care programme that combines hygiene, effectiveness, feeling good about yourself and beauty: hair removal with single-use, virgin wax (traditional, low temperature or disposable) combined with a concentrate post-depilatory serum for smooth and long-lasting results.

Facial Contour Waxing €25.00
Eye-brow Shaping €20.00
Upper Lip €10.00
Arm-pits €15.00
Arms €20.00
Half Arms €15.00
Whole Leg €40.00
Half Leg €20.00
Bikini Line €20.00
Extra Bikini Line €30.00
Chest €20.00
Back €40.00
Eyelash Tint €20.00
Eyebrow Tint €15.00

Exclusive Spa Evenings

Do you want something really special for a special Occasion?
Enjoy the Londa Spa lounge in total privacy. Dream away with Jacuzzi, sauna, steam bath and plunge pool. Don’t miss the possibility to enjoy our amazing massage therapies or facial treatments. We also recommend you try our delicious spa buffet.

Choose one of our unique spa evening ideas …
• Bathrobe business meeting
• Romantic moment
• Family evening
• Ladies night out
• Birthday party
• Old buddies’ reunion
• Find yourself experience
…or we can work out an individual proposition for you!
To make this a unique moment we adapt to accommodate your desires and your dreams can become true.

Spa evening
Treatments, beverage, food and extra decoration are not included.
Reservation: min 36 hours in advance.
Monday to Friday. €400 2h max