Thalgo treatments

Thalgo Facial Treatments

Thalgo Express Purity Ritual Facial 45min €80
This Express 45 minute facial will moisturize your skin and give instant radiance. We highly recommend to combine the chosen facial with body treatment, to experience the ultimate body sensation.

Thalgo Hydra Moisture Source Facial 60min €90
A moisture quenching treat, this facial is suitable for all skin types. After a relaxing welcome massage recreating the soothing sounds of the sea and our signature cleansing ritual adapted to your skin type, this ultra-hydrating facial combats dehydration lines and improves skin texture, for a touchably smooth, plump and radiant complexion.

Collagen Smooth Treatment 60min €110
This treatment with Marine Collagen, plant Glycopeptides and Palmaria Palmata algae has been developed to produce results from the very first treatment. The skin regains its soft, radiant, wrinkles are visibly reduced and the skin is smoothed and replumped.

Hyaluronic Filler Treatment 60min €120
From the first treatment, this facial smoothes the entire face and fills deep wrinkles in just one hour. After just one treatment, this facial reduce the number of wrinkles, improves skin firmness and glowing radiance. Your complexion will become ultra radiant and your fine lines less visible.

Silicium Super Lift Treatment 75min €130
Dare to defy time with this super lift facial. This treatment firms your skin, and gives it more elasticity, whilst also filling deep wrinkles. Your complexion is left ultra-radiant, your skin appears lifted, and your wrinkles less marked**: your complexion will glow and lines will be less noticeable, your skin firmer.
**Test carried out in treatment rooms on a sample of 5 people, aged from 25-54, results confirmed by a panel of 16 beauty therapists.

Thalgo For Men

Thalgo Men Ocean Facial 60min €80
This high-tech facial for stressed male skin combines energising marine active ingredients with relaxing massage movements to diffuse them directly to the heart of the skin. Relaxed and recharged, your skin regains all its energy and balance and signs of tiredness are erased.

Thalgo Body Treatments

Thalgo Marine Prelude 60min €90
For full body exfoliation prior to tanning, or whenever you want super-soft skin, this treatment combines Natural Marine Mud and sea salts, which infuse their benefits via a body wrap before the skin is exfoliated to eliminate dead skin cells, alleviate any roughness and invigorate the entire body by activating micro-circulation. After the mud and salts are removed, a light massage is carried out using a conditioning body cream.

Thalgo Micronised Marine Algae 45min €80
Immerse your body in the richness of marine algae, and let it infuse its wealth of minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients to your skin for intensive re-mineralisation and detoxification. The classic Thalgo treatment, it activates circulation and provides deep relaxation. It’s the perfect prelude to any silhouette refining treatment, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and supple.

Body & Soul Therapies

Slimming Treatment

Body Sculpt with Body Palp 45min €80
Offering performance and effectiveness, this made-to-measure, zone-to-zone professional slimming treatment combines Thalgo’s cosmetic expertise with patented Body Palp technology (exclusive instrumental palper-rouler method). An ultra-exfoliating peel and a highly active hot/cold-effect double body wrap are combined with Body Palp to visibly resculpt your figure, smooth cellulite and firm and tone your skin.


Indocéane Spa Ritual 90min €140
Close your eyes and be drawn into a dream of serenity on a Far Eastern journey. From stopover to stopover, divine scents and colours combine with the richness of the sea.
– Mediterranean Stopover, prelude with citrus flavours: Sweet and Savoury Body Scrub
– Indian Stopover, tranquility on the Sacred Ganges: Indocéane Indian Massage

Peace of the Senses 60min €90
An hour of pure bliss. Using the powerful techniques massage, this relaxing massage activates circulation and the lymphatic system to flush away toxins. After this full body massage, all signs of stress and fatigue are soothed away.